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Setup Manufacturing Supplier

In order to facilitate the transactions in and out of inventory and to exclude multiple stock adjustments when posting a work ticket, a single supplier account is created in Sage Evolution. When posting the work ticket reconciliation into Sage Evolution from Paradigm, various transactions will all be generated against this supplier account.

  • Create the Paradigm Manufacturing Supplier

This supplier must be VAT free in order to transactions such as take the raw material out of stock, you must do a RTS against that supplier.

  1. Open up Sage Evolution
  2. Navigate to Accounts Payable/Maintenance/Suppliers
  3. Press the Add Button on the Toolbar to Create a Supplier Account
  4. Provide a Name and Description for the Account
  5. Make sure that the Account is VAT Free
  6. Account Type must be set to Balance Brought Forward
  7. Default Tax Type must be set to a 0% exempt tax status
  8. Check Terms must be set to false
  9. Credit Limit must be set to zero

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