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Adding a Working Document

Follow these steps when adding new Working Documents:

Navigation → Documents → Processing → Working Documents

All existing documents in the system will be displayed once opened.

  1. To add a new Working Document select + icon in top left hand corner of screen.  
  2. Selecting a Branch from drop down menu is a compulsory field.  Compulsory fields will be highlighted in orange.  An error message will display if the information is not captured when trying to save the document.   Once the correct branch is selected, the Company field information will automatically be populated.  Company's and branch's can be set up as a default per user. See Setup of User Defaults  for more details on user defaults.
  3. Customer, Supplier, Sales Rep can be selected. These drop downs are integrated masterfiles from Evolution. Depending on the sites requirements, users can also add the following predefined details from drop down lists: Category, Group, Site, Project.  See Setup of Predefined Fields for Working Documents
  4. Select Save icon  or use CTRL + S shortcut.

Working Documents can also be auto generated from a Sales Opportunity. See Generate Working Document from Sales Opportunity 

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