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Adding Linked Documents

Navigation → Documents → Processing → Working Documents → Select required Working Document from list and double click to open.

  1. Under Linked Documents tab on the bottom half of the screen select required document to work with (Opportunities, Customer Quotations, Sales Orders, Customer Invoices, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders, Goods Received Notes, Work Tickets). These documents can differ from each Paradigm site.
  2. Select + icon to add new. Example: Customer Quotations.  Capture required data. See Adding a New Document for details on how to complete a document.
  3. Select save icon  or use CTRL + S shortcut. Or CTRL + Enter to save and close.

The alternate way to add linked documents is via the actual document like the invoice, quotation etc. 

For example, create a new invoice and under the Linked To section on the bottom of screen, you can link a Working Document from the drop down. This drop down is a list of all existing Working Documents currently in the system. 

Save using the CTRL + S or CTRL + Enter shortcut.

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