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Manufacturing (Conversions) Overview

Paradigm's Manufacturing Module was built to allow manufacturers to control the flow of raw materials into production and measure the material usage and wastage factors throughout the entire process.

Once a manufacturing run has been finalised, all costs taken into account and reconciled, the reconciliation is posted into Sage Evolution ERP and all the necessary transactions are automatically processed in the financial system.

1. Process VS Discrete Manufacturing

Paradigm is ideal for Process Manufacturing Environments, however, can also be used in most Discrete Manufacturing Environments as well.

2. Theory of Constraints

Paradigm provides manufacturing software that was built on the principles of the Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting.

3. Getting Started with Paradigm Conversions

Learn how to get setup and process a work ticket in Paradigm with the following sections:

  • Setup a Work Ticket
    Learn how to configure and setup Sage Evolution and Paradigm Software in order to process a Work Ticket.
    See Conversion Setup Overview for more information.
  • Process a Work Ticket
    Learn how to process a Work Ticket in Paradigm from start to finish.
    See Processing a Work Ticket Overview for more information.

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