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Setup System Defaults

Setup required default data that can be used on various documents and records across multiple modules within Paradigm.

The following default data can be set up by navigating to Administration/Setup:

1. Departments

Create each of the departments across your organisation and link each of your employees to their respective departments.

2. Continents, Countries and Provinces

Setup the geographic locations of all the companies and people that you interact with. Connecting your data to locations is useful if you require reporting and analysis functionality by specific regions.

  • Create all of the continents where your contacts reside.
  • Add all the countries they are located in and link each country to one of the continents you created.
  • Add all of the provinces linking each of them to their respective countries.

3. Currency

Setup the various currencies that each of your companies trade with. This is usually required if you are importing/exporting and making use of Paradigm's Costing and Conversions modules.

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