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Billable and Non Billable Services

A variety of professional services companies bill customers by the hour.  Understanding the concept of billable hours is vitally important to the partnership we have built with our customers. The hourly based billing is charging for services against time.

Billable hours are tracked by specific actions. Additionally, each Paradigm consultant has an hourly billing rate that is reflective of his or her job title. At any given time Paradigm Software & Hosting may have multiple actions with a particular customer.

Billable Services:

  • Consulting Services
    • Project meetings for process flow, proof of concept (POC) and system design.
    • All onsite installation and configuration of the system.
    • Onsite navigational training and consulting services.
    • Customised Knowledge Base articles requested by customer.
    • Creating, cloning and customising of scoreboard items.
    • Creating, cloning and customising of dashboards.
    • Creating, cloning and customising of Report layouts
  • Development Services
    • Customers may request purpose-built modules to be developed to meet their specific requirements.  Such development services are regarded as onsite customisations and are only applicable to the customer’s installation of Paradigm.  These features do not form part of the standard Paradigm functionality. 
      • All services rendered related to onsite customisations are billable.  This includes the development, testing, deployment, support, fixes and any future modifications made to the customised features.
    • Customers may request features to be added to enhance the functionality of the standard Paradigm application.  Such requested features are developed and deployed with all future Paradigm installations and upgrades.    
      • Paradigm Software (PTY) Ltd will evaluate the requested features and decide whether or not it is generic and applies to a wide variety of businesses. If it does, then Paradigm will endeavour to develop the requested feature and deploy it within our time frame.

Non Billable Services:

  •  Development services provided to rectify defects within the standard Paradigm application.
  • Support tickets that are logged in line with Paradigms standard support service agreements.

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