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Setup of Predefined Fields for Working Documents

Depending on the sites requirements, predefined fields can be set up for Working Documents such as Category, Group, Site and Project fields.

Setting up Groups,Categories and Types:

Navigation → Documents → Maintenance

  1. Select required field: Working Document Groups, Categories or Types.
  2. Select + icon in top left hand corner of screen to add new field.
  3. Name the field and give it a code.  Save and close by using the CTRL + Enter shortcut.

Setting up Sites:

Navigation → Administration → Setup → Sites

  1. Select + icon in top left hand corner to add new site.
  2. Capture relevant details: Company, Branch, Warehouse.
  3. Name the site and give it a code.  The option to put in a description is available.

Setting up Projects:

If you use Sage Evolution Projects for financial reporting, then your projects automatically integrate into Paradigm. 

NOTE: If you don't have access to Maintenance and Administration contact your Administrator.

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